Saturday, May 16, 2015

when Things go wrong

When things go wrong, what do we do?
One measure of spiritual maturity is the way we respond when things go wrong. If we give in to despair, doubt love or God's very existence, or blame some innocent person, we have some growing up to do.
How about you? How did you respond the last time something went wrong? Did you fall apart?
If so, you need to ask God for patience and a positive perspective to handle life's setbacks in a mature spiritual way which suits you practically too.
When things go wrong ask God for strength and wisdom. Then thank Him for working to increase your faith.
I do.

Yes, I'm sorry that in fighting your mind I start to fight with YOU.
I shouldn't have lost my cool or temper. Next time I'll hit my head or brain or my mind on a concrete wall to bring it down on floor.
Punishing self for loosing self-control or balance seems to be a better option than yelling or using bad words for someone innocent.
The best option is to let it go as it is going by doing nothing and instead just sit silently as a conscious witness or wise observer.
What Do You Say?

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