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Peaceful co-existence of the opposites that we see thriving and flourishing in the nature is often confused with the dreadful adjustment or compromise that is so very rampant in human relations.

The rose blossoms not inspte or despite of thorns presence but because that is its pre-destined nature. The rose considers not itself a rose neither does it tags itself as the king of flowers.

The rose compares not itself with the thorn - not because it is egoistic or ridiculous to do so but because the rose, just as a thorn does, completely lacks the capacity to distinguish one from the other.

This inability of the rose and the thorn to differentiate makes them naturally true to their nature but then it also keeps them devoid of the feeling of bliss or of any feeling for that matter.

The rose and the thorn are indeed two different entities but then they being part of the same shrub, and that shrub being one eternal part of the limitless garden called life and hence blissfully united in their diversity, is a fact that this rose and thorn will never get to realise.

But then, have not this fact lost its value in the most intelligent species of the planet Earth......??

Each part of this endless universe, but for humans, plays its role to perfection. Every part accomplishes the duty that is been ascribed to it by mother nature without even a hint of superiority or inferiority complex.

Humans, because they have been provided with super-natural powers to think, judge and choose are not pre-destined. Their free-will makes them free of any super-imposed destiny but for that destiny that homo-sapiens themselves choose for them. Humans, hence are not slaves to anybody in this cosmos but for their own sweet will.

This free-will is at once a boon and a curse depending on what choice humans par-take.

The overwhelming pain and suffering that humans go through today is resultant to the egoistic or self-centered choices that humans have indulged into.

The picture is not so rosy but is thornful so far...

It is so, because humans have readily allowed their minds to rule over everything else in this nature.

Every human being is personally responsible for the state that he lives in.

Hitherto, humans, barring a few exceptions here and there, have collectively proved themselves to be a bad case. The society is as good or bad as an individual is because a society is nothing but a group of individuals and even if a single unit is cancerous in nature the whole body is bound to suffer.

Each and every man and yes...YOU are included, has to accept that it is only him who is responsible for the heavenly or hellish state that he is currently in.

Man, till the time he takes not the onus on himself to change will continue to remain a bad case.

It is time to heal self.

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